Top 10 Verbs to Include in Your CV


Carefully selected verbs used in your CV can help put your CV on the top of the pile when candidates are being selected for an interview. Verbs help describe to a future employer what you have done and why you are the best candidate for the job. Here are 10 verbs that are essential to use in your CV to get you noticed and in the door for your next job interview.

  1. Managed

Your CV should include this important verb to show not only any management skills you have, but other aspects of management that you use in your current role, such as time management, supplier management, stakeholder management and more.

  1. Delivered

Employers are looking for individuals who deliver results for them. Your CV should show what you successfully delivered results whether in sales, cost savings, or large projects.

  1. Improved

Make it clear on your CV how you can provide serious improvements to an organization, in areas such as sales, processes or the overall performance of the company.

  1. Negotiated

Highlight your ability to negotiate in the workplace, a highly sought after skill, whether it be in sales, making a budget, establishing prices for a product or other areas that benefit your employer.

  1. Reduced

Show how you were able to reduce costs or more efficiently accomplish tasks for your employer in your current position, and provide facts and figures to show the positive impact this had on your company.

  1. Planned

Your CV should give a blueprint of how well you prepared and planned effectively in the workplace, and how these plans were successfully completed.

  1. Supported

Your CV should show how well you support your coworkers, clients and suppliers, and describe how you can be counted on to support these colleagues and others.

  1. Trained

The ability to train others, is an important asset to any company seeking to hire you, and will show your expertise and ability to communicate with others about your field.

  1. Resolved

Businesses face problems and conflict every day, and are looking to hire individuals with the ability to resolve problems as they arise and in a timely manner. Your CV should detail the issues you face in your current position, and the steps you take to resolve them.

  1. Presented

Ability to make presentations is an important skill no matter what business you work for. Your CV should show this experience to make a good impression on any potential employer.

Source:”10 Essential Verbs to Use in your CV,” by Andrew Fennell, StandOut CV

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