How to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Your Career


The competitive job market encourages continued growth and professional development to stay on the cutting edge of your industry. How do you differentiate yourself in the workplace and stay relevant in a way to best build a meaningful career? Here are some tips to continue to unlock your potential, break through barriers, and meet your career goals.


1. Define your purpose.

As you hone in your purpose you will be motivated to think past your current role, to the intrinsic value and worth of your career. For example, if you are in marketing, your purpose may be to help potential customers and meet their needs. If you are a data scientist, your purpose may be to help bring meaning to numbers and its impact on your industry.


2. Concentrate on Core Skills.

People often make the mistake of pushing ahead without developing essential skills early on to be successful in their industry. Know the basics of your industry and continue to develop fundamental skills and knowledge you will need to be a success in your job.


3. Take calculated risks that go beyond your current skill level.

Moving vertically up the corporate ladder is a goal many aspire to, but sometimes it is best to pivot in a new direction to gain critical experience that you may need for the next step up the ladder. Think out of the box and be willing to take on a new role that may lead to more responsibility in the future.


4. Collaborate and network with other professionals who help challenge each other.

A surefire way to enhance professional and personal development is to tap into the community of professionals in your industry who inspire and challenge each other to achieve a higher level of mastery.


5. View failure as a learning opportunity.

Learning from your mistakes, rather than giving into them will help you succeed in the long run and make you more willing to take strategic risks that are a key part of successfully growing in your career. Overcoming failure takes tenacity, which will ultimately forge a path of lifelong learning.


SOURCE: The Muse, “Keep Hustling: 5 Ways to Get the Career Growth You Need,” by Elizabeth Wellington, Squarespace

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