Where are the Most Sought after Jobs Right Now?


Job growth in the early part of 2017 has been strong, with U.S. employers hiring workers at a robust pace, beating out expectations, along with increasing wages. Jobs gained an average of 209,000 a month since the beginning of 2017, well above the growth in working age population (75,000 to 100,000). It is the perfect storm for those seeking a job, with the most jobs going unfilled ever in the United States.

Which industries are experiencing the fastest growing right now?

The growth in the information technology and health care industries may not be a big surprise, but the demand for jobs in web design is seeing a big jump in growth.

  • Information technology is projected to grow by 18 percent, with a monthly demand of 4.3K. The median salary is $60K.
  • Health care is projected to grow by 16 percent, with a monthly demand for 19.1K new jobs. The median salary is $57K.
  • Design is projected to grow by 14 percent (which is a big leap from previous years), with a monthly demand of 1K new jobs. The median income is $61K.
  • Business and financial industry should see a 9.9 percent growth, with a monthly demand for 12.7K new jobs. Median salary is $76K.
  • Sales jobs are experiencing a 6.2 percent demand in job growth, with a monthly demand of 12.7K jobs. The median salary in this field is $75K.

Where are the best cities for the fastest job growth in 2017?

  • Cape Coral, FL 9 percent
  • Myrtle Beach, SC 7 percent
  • Orlando, FL 6 percent
  • Naples, FL 6 percent
  • Tucson, AZ 3 percent
  • Dallas, TX 2 percent
  • Deltona, FL 1 percent
  • Phoenix, AZ 1 percent
  • Ocala, FL 0 percent
  • Provo, UT 0 percent

What are some of the highest sought after jobs available in 2017?

  • Restaurant Server Monthly demand of 10.4K
  • Registered Nurses Monthly demand of 9.1K
  • Customer Service Monthly demand of 7.4K
  • Office Manager Monthly demand of 6.3K
  • Operations Manager Monthly demand of 5.7K
  • Personal Care Aide Monthly demand of 5K
  • Accountant Monthly demand of 4.1K

Source: BetterTeam, “The Most Sought After Jobs in 2017,” by Paul Peters (http://theundercoverrecruiter.com)

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