How to Ramp Up Your Job Search Before You Are Ready to Make a Move


You may be frustrated in your current job, but unable to make a logical move because it makes sense to stay awhile longer, such as the need for flexible hours to take care of a loved one, an anticipated job promotion that will take you up that next step on the career ladder, or a year-end bonus that will help you clear up debts you have accumulated. What can you do in the meantime to help you prepare for a job search in the future? Here are some tips to help you be proactive while you wait for the right time to make your next career move.


  1. Revise and update your resume.

When did you last update your resume to include your current job responsibilities?  If it was when you applied for your current position, it is time for an update. Most people wait to revise their resume when they are filling out a job application to tailor it to the position they are applying for. Although this is an important step, before you do this you should actually have a resume that you could send anywhere.  By being prepared you will be in a stronger position when you do customize your resume for future job opportunities.

  1. Polish your brand on LinkedIn.

 You should make sure to build a personal website, and start publishing on LinkedIn.  You will be ahead of the game, especially since you may become too busy to update your personal site or write a blog post when you are filling out applications, going on interviews, and networking with colleagues.  A prospective employer will be more impressed if they see you are updating and engaging on your webpage over time, rather than right before you begin your job search.


  1. Engage with your network of contacts before you start asking for referrals.

 If you have not been in touch with your network of contacts in a while, you should reengage with them before you start asking for job referrals.  Make an effort to reach out to them either by simply asking how they are doing, or sending an interesting article they may enjoy.  You should be willing to take the steps to gradually reconnect with your contacts, before you let them know you are considering a job move.  This effort will put you in a better position down the road to ask for insider tips about a job search in their industry.


Source: The Muse, “How to Job Hunt when You Can’t Leave Your Job Yet,” by Sara McCord

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