Prevent Job Search Burnout by Asking These Three Questions


If your job search is dragging on and leading you to contemplate a less-than-ideal career decision, ask these three questions before making a move. Examine your motives for considering a job that really isn’t a good fit, and take the time to rethink your choice.

  1. Am I experiencing burn out due to a prolonged job search?

You may have hit that wall after spending countless hours investing in your job search and have reached a point where you need to recharge.  If you are not under financial pressure to take the first job that comes along, you may want to take a break and refocus your time and energy on other things that are important to you.  It will help you to “recharge your batteries” so that you can have a fresh vision for your future career move and all that entails. Even taking a one week break in pursuit of a job may be enough to get you motivated to continue your job search.

  1. Will I want to work in the new position for more than six months?

Don’t take a job if you do not see yourself in it for the long haul.  You want to avoid getting into a trap of taking a job, being dissatisfied from the start, and almost immediately starting another job search that you may come to dread.  If you are in financial distress and must take a job, you should have the mindset that it is a bridge job, and keep searching for the job that will help you achieve your future career goals.


  1. Is this career move advancing the goals I have envisioned for myself?

Resist the temptation to take a job that does not meet your future career goals, develop your skills, or position you to move up the career ladder.  It may seem like a good idea to move to a job that is similar to your current position, but ultimately you need to ask yourself if you are underestimating your abilities by applying for openings that you may be overqualified for, just to get that “yes” from an employer (and get out of your current job).   You may also want to consider whether taking some additional classes or training may enhance your chances of moving to the next step in your career path.

Source: “3 Questions Desperate Job Seekers Need to Stop and Ask Themselves,” by Sara McCord, The Muse

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