How Do You Recover After a Bad First Impression?

Everyone eventually finds themselves in a situation where that first impression goes south with a tone-deaf comment to a prospective boss, having the wrong outfit on for an interview, or spilling a drink all over a client. It is possible to recover from a bad first impression with enough time, effort and some nuanced skills…. Read more »


4 Moves to Avoid in an Interview

When an interview is on the horizon, you want to make the best impression possible to win over a future employer. Sometimes our best laid plans backfire even when we prepare for an interview, and we end up making unintentional mistakes.  The best way to consider all contingencies is to be aware of these four… Read more »


3 Things to Consider When Making a Career Change

If you are feeling discouraged or restless in your current career and are looking for new opportunities, you should consider the following three questions to clarify if this is just a passing phase or a signal that it is time for a change. Do your career choices line up with your current priorities? The career… Read more »