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When you need to hire, whether it’s for a temporary opening or a full-time addition to your team, you want the right candidate, fast. If you’re looking for light industrial staffing, or accounting and finance staffing, make CR your last stop. From healthcare, to IT, to clerical and administrative staffing, we serve several different industries nationwide.

At CR, we take a personal approach to connect employers with reliable help and innovative solutions. From recruiting top candidates, to providing on-site staffing in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and beyond, we have the right service for you. We are a diversity owned, WBE company – we’re invested in your success and offer innovative solutions to meeting your toughest challenges.

Minimize the impact of absenteeism, avoid skill shortages and reduce administrative costs.

CR can help you:

  • Manage variable workloads
  • Predict labor costs
  • Build a more reliable workforce
  • Reduce hiring risks
  • Add diversity spend

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Choose from our staffing services & solutions:


Adjust your workforce to unpredictable changes in demand. Add seasonal workers to manage temporary workload increases, or to fill in for absent or vacationing workers. CR provides reliable, motivated workers to keep production on track and help you reach your business goals. If you’re not happy with one of our temporaries, we offer a four-hour guarantee.


Reduce the risk of bad hires. Our temp-to-hire program allows you to try before you buy – assess candidates at your location before deciding to add them to your full-time staff.

Direct Hire

Let CR recruit, screen and interview full-time candidates for you. We present the select few who make it through our recruiting process, reducing the time you spend filling key roles and hiring expense.


Our Managed Services Provider (MSP) solution allows you to efficiently source, measure and manage labor usage. We consolidate your staffing suppliers and provide a single point of contact. You get consistent reporting and invoicing, on-boarding and training processes, increased productivity, reduced costs and lowered risk.


CR can provide an on-site coordinator to manage your large temporary workforce. We handle training, management and reporting, increasing your productivity and reducing administrative burdens.


Reduce employment risks with CR’s payrolling service. We handle benefits, pay, unemployment and workers’ compensation for the employees you place on our payroll. You focus on your core tasks, we take care of compliance and administration.

Choose our leading staffing agency for your workforce needs.

Finding the right candidate isn’t always easy, but we think it should be. As one of the leading recruitment agencies nationwide, we know what it takes to find the best talent and best fit for a job. Our advanced recruitment and selection process enables us to quickly filter through our talent pool to find candidates with not only the right skill set, but the right personality. Whether you’re looking for premier talent for your company, or on-site staffing services, we have the solutions you need.

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