What Job Seekers Need to Know to Get their Dream Job in 2017


The good news for job seekers this year is that hiring has grown steadily during the past seven years and shows no sign of slowing down in 2017.  How does a job seeker take advantage of a healthy job market, and draw the attention of the employers who are looking to hire? According to the latest recruitment survey, there are jobs out there, with companies actively seeking to hire quality talent. 65 percent of these recruiters say they are having a hard time finding skilled candidates. There are several key issues that the survey showed from its database of over 64 million job applications, which could help job seekers understand what they need to know to get their dream job in 2017 (http://www.jobvite.com).

How do you get the attention of an employer?

The survey found that referrals by individuals known to the company are ranked the best way to find good hires by 78 percent of recruiters. Referred applicants are five times more likely to be hired on average than other job seekers.

What are my chances for getting hired?

The most competitive industries for applicants are in the fields of tech, media, education and consumer internet (e-commerce companies like Grubhub or Zappos). These sectors consider 66 applicants before choosing to hire someone. Industries like insurance and energy are less competitive and review about 20 applicants per job available for hire.

How many job seekers actually get an interview?

The media, manufacturing and consumer internet and technology industries are very competitive and interview fewer applicants. It is easier to get an interview in other industries, such as education, hospitality, financial institutions and insurance. Although applicants get a greater opportunity to impress an employer, that may not translate into a job. Only 9 percent of those who interview in the education field, and 13 percent in the consumer internet, technology and engineering fields will be hired.

What are my prospects for hire in 2017?

The fastest growing industries creating jobs during the last three years include the energy and real estate industries, which have tripled recruitment and hiring. The engineering and finance industries have enjoyed a steady job growth of 40 percent since 2014.  The jobs in greatest demand at the world’s largest companies are experts in data science and artificial intelligence.  Data analysis is critical to the operations of companies of all sizes and AI is incorporated into all aspects of doing business, from factory work to finance.

Source: “New Year, New Job: What Job Seekers Need to Know in 2017,” Job Seeker Database, Jobvite.com

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