How to Get a Promotion Without Asking for It


No one likes to ask their boss for a promotion. Your diligence, willingness to take on more responsibility and consistency in meeting expectations should give you the attention you are looking for from your boss and lead to that next promotion.  Here are five steps to take to increase your chances of getting a promotion without having to ask for one.


Look for ways to go above and beyond expectations in the workplace.

To draw the respect from your boss and team members, look for ways to add value to ongoing projects and assignments that go beyond your role. Take the initiative to take on tasks that others do not have time to accomplish and that are important to the project at hand. When you take on extra work make sure to share the credit with others.


Be sure to make it a priority to acquire skills and knowledge, not status.

Your boss will appreciate your desire to grow in your position as you acquire experience and expertise that adds value to the company’s goals.  This will be noticed and received more positively than someone who is simply out for themselves to improve their rank or status.


Always be looking to improve and seek new challenges.

You are your career’s next big accomplishment. You will want to continue to seek opportunities to take on new challenges and reach new levels of mastery in your job. Look for ways to improve upon what you are doing, and evaluate what may hinder that success. Ask your boss how you may be able to do a better job, so you can address any obstacles to your next promotion.


Be willing to take on long term projects.

Long term projects are usually more challenging and complex.  The more your move up the hierarchy of the organization the more will be expected of you. You should be able to oversee multiple tasks, variable goals and execute effective strategies to complete a project.


Become adept at working in a group environment.

The further you move up the ranks of a company the more you will need to develop your ability to work within a group environment to get things done. A great team always has that person who helps collaborate to move a project along and meet the goals of the team. A person who is an effective team player will show their ability to motivate and support a colleague.


Source: “Your 5-Step Plan to Getting a Promotion Without Having to Ask for It,” by Jim Morris, The Muse

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