Five tips to finding the right first job after college


You may be tempted to take one last summer break after graduating college before getting serious about looking for your first job.  But that may not be such a good idea if you want to compete for the best jobs. Even though your peers are all out there looking for work, and it may not seem like it will be easy to stand out, the sooner you get started the better your chances are to finding the right job for you.  The time to look for a job is NOW.

Employers like to see candidates that are willing to hustle and have a drive to succeed. They are not interested in applicants who want to sit back and wait for opportunities to present themselves.

More people are attending college, so there is a lot of competition to finding your first job.  How you present yourself and interact with people will help set you apart from other candidates. Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in getting your first job.

  1. Keep your resume up to date.

Make sure your keep you regularly update your resume with the latest information including your final GPA, college major, and any college activities or job skills that may be relevant.  You should consider adapting your resume to different positions or fields you are interested in.

  1. Go to career job fairs to meet recruiters.

Job fairs are a great way to meet job recruiters, and give you the opportunity let your personality shine. It is a perfect opportunity to ask potential employers any questions about their company and find a possible job match.  Your college career center should be able to assist you and locating job fairs in your area.

  1. Stay in touch with your job network.

A critical aspect to finding a job is to keep up with your network of family, friends, neighbors, college professors, or past co-workers about the possibility of a job opportunity that may not be advertised.

  1. Consider doing an internship to gain experience.

Doing an internship in your field of interest may provide valuable experience and lead to a contact that can land you your first job.  Although internships may be unpaid, they are valuable in helping you develop the skills you may need for a decent job after college.

  1. Keep your mind open to a variety of possibilities.

You may have a certain job that you have been dreaming about, but you will serve yourself well by keeping an open mind. You may open yourself to more options, and with more interview practice and preparation you may land that first job.

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