There’s a lot of advice out there telling us how to dress for an interview or professional situation – but it seems like the rules are always changing and depend on who you ask. We’ve put together a simple list to get you from your job search to employed!

Do: be yourself!


If you’re constantly pulling a tight jacket or adjusting an itchy sweater, the hiring manager will notice and it will affect your interview performance. Interviewing for a new position can be stressful enough, and the clothes that you wear should be both professional and comfortable. Bonus: when you act like your true self and are at ease, you will be more likely to focus and show yourself off to the manager.

Don’t: overdo it!

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In many cases, we do not know the environment we’ll be interviewed in, whether it’s a small, enclosed room or one that is light and airy. This makes it very important to go light on any cologne, perfume, or aftershave as you anticipate the hiring manager’s preferences and any possible allergies. Keep hair neat and well-kept and makeup minimal.

Do: keep it classic!

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Professionalism doesn’t necessarily mean that your fanciest – and flashiest – outfit is the right choice for an interview. By choosing classic and timeless pieces to wear, you will be more confident. Neutral colors and simple details on a suit or dress means that these professional clothes won’t go out of style too quickly and are a great investment. This is especially important if you only wear these pieces on rare occasions.

Don’t: be afraid to ask questions:

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While business professional attire is standard for many companies, you don’t want to stick out! When you get called for an interview, be sure to ask about the dress code and interview process, so that you are prepared for the environment and aware of what the job would include. Businesses are becoming more casual, and it may be preferable for certain businesses for you to dress casually!

Do: consider the weather!


We (usually) have four seasons, and naturally, we have seasonal clothing. Professional pieces can work all year round, but be sure to always dress appropriately for the weather. Summertime can sometimes be considered more casual and appropriate to wear items like sundresses and shorts. However, business professional rules apply year-round and it’s necessary to respect the rules of professionalism no matter the weather.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it’s possible to ensure you make the best one possible! What is the best job interview tip you’ve ever gotten?

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