What Common Experiences Should I Expect while Looking for a New Job?


Sometimes it may feel like a roller coaster ride when you are searching for a new job.  One day you are up and the next day you are down. Here are some common experiences that you may encounter when looking for a job:

Vague Job Descriptions: Normal

When you are applying for a job online, the job descriptions are often written by the human resources department rather than the department looking to hire, and as a result may be a vague job description .

No Job Description: Not Normal

If you receive no job description from a prospective employer until after you apply for a job, this may be a red flag indicating that the employer is unclear about whom he or she wants to hire.


Waiting Weeks to Hear Back: Normal

You may be frustrated but normally it will take a couple of weeks to hear back from a prospective employer. Most recruiters post multiple job opportunities and  may not be able to get to your application right away.

Hearing Back Only if You Initiate Contact:  Not Normal

If you only receive a response from a future employer when you take the initiative, or do not hear back by the time candidates are expected to be interviewed, it may be an indication that the company is disorganized or you are not their first choice.


Multiple Interviews: Normal

Once you are interviewing, it is normal to have multiple interviews with people throughout different departments and levels of the organization. This process will enable you to have a greater understanding of the job, and whether it is a good fit for you.

Interviewing with the Same Person Over and Over: Not Normal

If you find yourself coming back to interview with the same people to answer questions that were already discussed, it may indicate that the company is hesitant to hire you.


Not Receiving an Offer after the Interview: Normal

If you have not heard from a prospective employer after your in-person interview for a few days do not panic.  It may take up to a week for a company to get the internal approval necessary to make you an offer.

Waiting Weeks to Receive an Offer: Not Normal

After your final interview, if you do not receive an offer after about a week, it may indicate that the company has many layers to its approval process, and may be highly bureaucratic.  If you are interested in a fast-paced environment, this may not be the place for you.


Source: “What is and Isn’t Normal During Every Single Part of the Job Process,” by Olivia Gamber, The Muse

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