What is the Best Way to Get Feedback at your New Job


The first three months in a new job are critical to how well you will perform in your new career.  This is the time when you will be making your first impressions on your new boss and work colleagues so getting it right is important.  Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the first 90 days on the job:


When should I ask for feedback?

Be proactive from the start by asking for feedback once your boss and colleagues have the first few days to form opinions about your work. Do not plan on having a formal review of your work at the end of the week, since realistically you are just starting and haven’t had the chance to learn all your responsibilities.  But rather than getting off course from the start, do not let too much time go by before you receive that guidance on your work performance from your boss and colleagues.


How do I approach my boss for feedback?

You do not want to be so informal as to stop your boss in the hallway or at the coffee station to ask questions about your job performance.  You should reach out to your manager by email or in person to ask for a brief meeting (no longer than 15 minutes) to go over your questions.  Make sure to have a plan of action and specific questions about you how you are doing, and what you may do differently.


Who should I ask about my performance in addition to my boss?

Your co-workers are invaluable to helping you get the type of feedback that will assist you in your new job.  Your interaction with them should be less formal than your manager, but formal enough to gain insight from them.  If you send an email to them, be specific in your questions while making sure they understand you value their feedback to help in your long term success in the job. Be prepared for some honest reactions which may not be all positive, and do not get your guard up and be defensive if this happens.

Always send a follow up email to thank both your boss and colleagues for taking the time to give you input on your work performance and summarize the takeaways from the meeting and any next steps you plan to take to adjust your responsibilities and actions.  Incorporating their advice lets them know you are committed and serious about excelling in your new job.

SOURCE: The Muse, “How to Get the Right Kind of Feedback in Your New Job (Because Your Success Depends on It),” by Jessica Vann


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