How to Avoid Three Common Mistakes Following a Promotion


You finally have that promotion and are ready to celebrate. You have worked hard and your efforts have paid off. Unfortunately some people allow the promotion to change who they are and what made them a success in the first place.  They may think they are better than they ought to and start shooting themselves in the foot.  Here are some strategies to help you avoid this common mistake and others when you are promoted to a new position:

  1. You think too highly of yourself and become a know-it-all.

The new promotion has confirmed your ability to move up in the company and take on more responsibility.  Naturally you are excited and are feeling more confident.  It will be really important to avoid crossing the line from confident to cocky, and go down that road of flaunting your abilities and opinions among your colleagues.  Remember that you are still part of a team of co-workers, and always have room to grow and learn new job skills. Save yourself from this pitfall and remain a team player, open to ideas from colleagues to ensure a job well done.

  1. Do not underestimate your ability to do the job.

After a promotion you will be faced with new responsibilities that may be more challenging and initially outside your comfort zone.  You may need to acquire new job skills to manage a larger team of workers, have a more visible position in the company with higher accountability or more interaction with high level clients.  This is not the time to panic and worry that you are not up for the job.  You have to remind yourself that you were promoted for a good reason, and that your employer is confident that you can do the job. They have given you greater responsibility because they believe in you.  Your employers are interested in the overall success of the company, and have promoted you to help make that happen.

  1. Do not coast along in your new job.

Probably the worst thing you can do after you have been promoted is to coast along on the memory of your past successes, which ultimately led to this big promotion in the first place. After a promotion you should work even harder to meet the new challenges and opportunities provided by your new position, and to show you will continue to meet the expectations of your employer.  You do not want to give your employer reasons to rethink his or her decision to promote you to your new job.

Source: 3 Common Mistakes Smart People Make After Landing a Big Promotion,” by Matt Black, The Muse

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