7 Effective Ways to Improve your CV


When writing a CV, you should not just list your responsibilities.  You should demonstrate the following 7 ways your work positively impacts your employer, customers and co-workers.

Costs Saved

Every employer is looking for cost savings, whether they are private firms, non-profit groups or the government. If you have been involved in cost cutting measures for your employer, this will be considered an immediate benefit to a future hiring recruiter.

Problems Solved

Businesses exist to solve problems for their clients, so it makes sense that hiring managers are looking for good problem solvers.  No matter what your background, you will want to demonstrate with solid examples of how you were able to solve problems for your current employer. You should provide details backed up by facts and figures when possible.

Time Saved

Time is a precious commodity for all employers, and your CV should show how you use your time effectively in the workplace. If you were able to develop processes to save your employer time and to run your office more efficiently, this should be highlighted on your CV.

People Helped

Your CV should demonstrate how well you work with others, and support the people in your office.  Explain exactly where you fit in your company’s hierarchy and who depends on your work, to help demonstrate the importance of your role to your future employer.

Revenue Generated

How you helped generate revenue for your organization, especially in the private sector is important to all employers.  You will want to highlight how you contributed to increasing the revenue of your company, either directly or indirectly in your CV.  For example, the marketing staff helps attract customers to generate sales, and support staff alleviates the administrative work of those individuals with responsibilities for generating income for the company.

Awards and Recognition

Recruiters and hiring managers will have a clear picture of your contributions to your company and industry when you include any awards or accolades that you have received throughout your career.  Make sure to back up your claims of any of special recognition that you have received from those in your industry.

Work Produced

The work you produce should be highlighted on your CV, and will vary depending on your profession.  The CV should show specific examples of the quality of your work, and the positive impact your work product has on your employer. It could be anything from marketing materials you wrote, financial spreadsheets, or actual physical products created, such as cars or houses.


Source: “7 ways to prove impact in your CV,” by Andrew Fennell, StandOut CV

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