5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Employer in an Interview


When you go on an interview you not only want to communicate how you are the best candidate for the job, but whether or not the company or organization is a good fit for you. When you meet with a hiring manager, you should consider these five questions to help you gain solid information about your potential future employer, coworkers and organization.


  1. Why do you have a vacancy or new position available?

Asking this key question will help you understand better what the demands of the job are, what the goals of the company are, why the person who was in the position left, and whether the position is one that is frequently vacant and filled every few years or so.


  1. What is the turnover rate overall for company employees?

Not only will you want to find out if your position has high turnover, but whether the company has a high turnover rate in general.  You will want to ascertain what the contributing factors are and whether the company has any plans to alleviate the unusually high turnover rate.  You will want to do this in a way that doesn’t make the interviewer feel like you are criticizing the organization.


  1. Do coworkers have time to take a lunch break, or do they always work through lunch?

This sounds like a strange question but it will give insight into the work environment at the company.  It will tell you whether employees are so overworked and stressed that they don’t have time to take a lunch break.  It may also indicate that they simply don’t have a relaxed enough environment to feel comfortable about taking a lunch break.


  1. How is the company doing financially?

You will avoid the situation that many people find themselves in when they are laid off only months after joining the team of a new company because of crumbling profits, loss of a big client or a sudden bankruptcy.  By getting a clear picture of the company’s financial health you will save yourself before you dive into this new job.


  1. What hesitations do you have about my qualifications?

This is a scary question to ask a potential employer but will help you clarify your qualifications and why you are a good fit for their organization.  You may be able to give additional information that will help ease the hiring manager’s concerns about your ability to successfully do the job.


Source: “5 Questions to Ask in an Interview That’ll Reveal a Lot About the Company,” by Jenny Foss, The Muse

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