4 Moves to Avoid in an Interview


When an interview is on the horizon, you want to make the best impression possible to win over a future employer. Sometimes our best laid plans backfire even when we prepare for an interview, and we end up making unintentional mistakes.  The best way to consider all contingencies is to be aware of these four common mistakes.

  1. Do not arrive too early

It is certainly important to arrive a few minutes early for an interview to help calm your nerves.  If you arrive too early wait in another location such as your car before heading out for your interview.  Your future boss is busy doing other work and may be annoyed if you arrive too early and he or she is not prepared yet for your meeting.

  1. Do not simply repeat what is in your resume

When you meet with a potential employer it is safe to assume that you got the interview based on information in your resume.  The person interviewing you should know your basic qualifications for the job, and will want to know more about you. It will be important to build on what is written in your resume, highlighting what are the skills and knowledge that make you uniquely qualified for the job. You want to stand out from the crowd, and distinguish yourself from other job seekers coming in for back-to-back interviews.

  1. Be ready to answer all prepared questions

You do not want to make a bad impression by dismissing any questions that a potential employer may have for you during the interview.  Be ready with some prepared questions you have considered before the interview.  Do not ask questions about issues you have already covered in the interview, since you may be perceived as not listening carefully during the process.

  1. Do not end the interview with an aggressive pitch

When you are coming to the end of an interview, you will want to close on a positive note.  Rather than putting a potential employer on the defensive by asking if there is any reason why he shouldn’t hire you, phrase your question in a more supportive manner.  Ask if there is anything about your experience that they would like for you to elaborate on to help them make a decision.  The interview is your opportunity to show that you are a team member, and how you conduct yourself during the process will go a long way to helping your employer see that you are.

Source: The Muse, “4 Smart Moves You Didn’t Realize Sink Your Chances in an Interview,” Sara McCord

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