3 Things to Consider When Making a Career Change


If you are feeling discouraged or restless in your current career and are looking for new opportunities, you should consider the following three questions to clarify if this is just a passing phase or a signal that it is time for a change.

  1. Do your career choices line up with your current priorities?

The career path we take has a big impact on three important areas in our lives: our job satisfaction, our financial goals, and our personal well-being. If you are most concerned about financial security and you are not in love with your present high salaried position, you may have to compromise to obtain your financial goals.  If you are interested in being more engaged and satisfied in your work, then monetary considerations may be less important.  If your job aligns with those things which are most important to you, then staying in your current career may be a reasonable option.


  1. Are your concerns specific to the current job and work environment you are in?

Your frustration with your current job position may be directly related to your work environment, such as dealing with a poor manager, a stressful backstabbing work culture, or a long commute. You may consider a similar career path in a different workplace that will provide you with greater job satisfaction.

You may find yourself in a job that is not a good fit. For example, you may be in a job that requires a great deal of customer interaction, when you are more introverted and prefer time alone to think. Or your job may require you to spend a good part of the day performing boring and tedious tasks. If you are experiencing issues with the type of work you are doing, you may want to switch to an entirely new career.


  1. If you discover a mismatch, what are you willing to do to correct course?

If your career is out of alignment with your life goals, switching to a job that is a better fit will be a positive outcome for your life.  Changing careers is doable but takes a high level of commitment to achieve. You will have to utilize your network, and put yourself in new environments that may be uncomfortable at first, but will put you in front of new people and opportunities. Realize that sometimes we have to go through discomfort to get the things we want, and that may include making a career change.


Source: (http://theundercoverrecruiter.com) “3 Things to Ask Yourself When Considering a Career Change”

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